Saturday, June 27, 2009

Web Hosting Prices Criterion for Choosing a Web Host?

It's attractive. There are several companies offering cheap services full with amazing post-futuristic techno-gizmo features. But does it helps in saving much money?

Answer is no, not at all as the maximum saving would be in some dollars only. If one is running a business site, saving $5, $10 or even $15 per month is not considered a big saving. There is not a single company whose survival is dependant upon 15 dollars but if the wrong web host is chosen by mistake then surely it can destroy the business.

Given below are 3 main reasons to ignore price issue while selecting web host: -

1. Usability. Confession time: Besides other issues usability holds an important place while selecting a new web host. Especially for a beginner it is important to have at least good control panel. There are example where one in the beginning opted for cheap web hosting and there after faced the problem of operating the control panel and often found him/her self traveling in circles trying to enter it.

Thus if one consider this factor of usability and just know little bit of CGI can easily manage his/her emails and can edit html files right on the server. What more is required for a beginner who was earlier not even able to find files on the previous host’s server?

2. Service. Second factor to consider is service. There are cases where in the beginning users were quite happy with their cheap web host as were even getting all the responses via email on time. Problem occurred when some guy with a chip on his shoulder filed a phony Spam complaint. Now the response was suddenly missing from the host when complaint was made. Infact no one was interested in speaking over phone. The remedy came when the user’s ISP responded to the same phony complaint immediately, sharing with user a copy and giving a chance to deal with it. Thus it is again recommendable to pay more but one must look for this feature.

3. Reliability. One must also look for the good uptime and should also check for reliability. There are many problems that occur when one ignores this factor like a form not functioning thereby resulting in lost sales. More worse is that Google comes crawling just when site is down and search engines don't like sending people to unreliable sites.

Thus it can be concluded easily that paying little more is better than paying a lot more in lost sales and increased stress. One should keep in mind that his/her whole business is dependant upon website and so one must consider all the factors not just price while selecting a new web host.


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