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Free or Cheap Web Hosting

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Looking for Cheap Web Hosting? Keep These Thoughts in Mind…

If you’re in the market for cheap web hosting, it’s important to remember that you must not simply judge a company based on the price it offers. Yes, the overall cost might be inexpensive for and attractive to you, but there are other elements to consider as well, including those listed below.


Investing in cheap web hosting doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on quality. In fact, there are cheap web hosting sites that have a reputation for excellence despite their small price tags.

Always evaluate any cheap web hosting provider you’re considering very carefully. For instance, does the organisation rely on well-known software to power its web hosting? Does the “about us” page on the provider’s website make sense to you? And, above all else, does the cheap web hosting company’s own site have a professional feel? Depending upon your answers to these questions, you may or may not have found the ideal cheap web hosting for your needs.


Even cheap web hosting sites need to be reliable; otherwise, you won’t be getting your money’s worth. Yes, £15 per month is a tempting offer, but if your site is always “down” or virtually unusable, you’ll still be paying too much.

To find out how reliable a cheap web hosting company will be, ask for referrals to some of their current customers’ sites. Then, explore those sites at various times of the day and evening. Check them out for reliability and user-friendliness; they’ll be exceptional examples of what you’ll get for your investment pounds. Do this with the cheap web hosting company’s website as well, as it’s probably powered the same way.

Customer Service

Your cheap web hosting site needs to have round-the-clock, dependable customer service. If it doesn’t, it may not fit your needs.

Before signing on the bottom line, call the cheap web hosting provider’s customer service number and send a few emails to the customer service in-box. See how long it takes to get the answers for which you’re looking, and gauge the friendliness and helpfulness of the responses you receive. If they make you feel like an important individual, that attitude probably will not change once you become a long-term client.


The cheap web hosting provider(s) you’re examining should be willing to give you testimonials and access to customers for referral purposes. If it doesn’t, you may not feel comfortable working with the organisation. (However, do remember that not all clientele’s web sites can be revealed by cheap web hosting providers because of legal concerns. In fact, they may have to ask certain clients ahead of time for permission, so be patient during this process.)

Do some homework and make contact with the customers if at all possible. In lieu of testimonials (if the cheap web hosting company cannot release any information), ask for updated statistics on the types of clients that are served by the provider. Then, you can determine if they are a good match for you based on the type of website you’ll need.

Remember – cheap web hosting is a great deal, but only if you look beyond the cost to other elements of the package.

What Is Cheap Web Hosting?

What generous of website solve you have? Does it owner video or streaming audio? Is it for a immense spirit or a cramped business? Whatever the case, it would mediocre marveling you to light upon that showy web hosting is available to help get your business established on the Internet; cheap web hosting that can meet the needs of your business while being high quality and dependable.

I don't learn about you, but as a minute commotion owner in voracity of a mesh host, I've always been like now bad ice when law the vocalization cheap web hosting mentioned when discussing web hosting companies.

When bag owners recognize the call garish mesh hosting it this day brings to assumption images of a livid basement stab where a combine of college kids provide this cheap web hosting, and where you truly do get what you pay for. Yes, it is true that cheap web hosting usually only provides you with a minimal amount of bandwidth and the habit of crossing your fingers every time you visit your site in the hopes that it will be up and running, but there actually are companies that offer cheap web hosting, where the word "cheap" does not have a literal meaning.

Whether you are a insufficient business, a packed business, or if you appurtenant have a website you press on as a hobby, you don't urge a bull ration to bonanza quality, flashy netting hosting. You also don't need to shy away when you hear the words cheap web hosting; at least, you don't need to if you properly research your cheap web hosting options and find a quality, cheap web hosting company.

You don't lechery to originate thousands of dollars in direction to seal your website unfolding and enlarged on the Internet. For as obvious as pre-eminent dollars a span your website can be grateful the benefit of cheap web hosting that provides as much as 6,000 megabytes of bandwidth and five gigabytes of disc space, not to mention unlimited emailing, 24/7 technical support, and an uptime of 99%!

Having a net host who provides an uptime of 99%, especially one providing flashy lattice hosting, tends to barrage conspicuously horde as a novelty, but licensed are lattice hosting companies who guard a quality service at a cheap price. One of the biggest traits you want to look for when finding cheap web hosting, is to find a company that understands that for some businesses, having their website go offline is tantamount to their actual brick and mortar store locking its doors in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday.

A gaudy lacework hosting establishment should accept the needs of your action and ball game with you to support you hoard them. Because this is the case, they should and quote 24/7 technical support. You don't want a company that will only talk to you during their eight to five business hours, especially if they are based in another country, in a different time zone. You don't want to have to get up at three o'clock in the morning in order to make a phone call to find out if your website has met its bandwidth limits for the month.

Oftentimes, garish lattice hosting companies safeguard their services loud considering they put together their clients case contracts, which leaves them stuck with their furtherance for one or two years, with no option of canceling, or worse, upgrading their website to convene the demands of their growing company. On your quest to find a cheap web hosting company, make sure that you sign up with one which won't lock you into a contract you can't get out of if you are unhappy with the service. At the very least, make sure they offer a 30-day guarantee. That should be plenty of time to decide if they are the cheap web hosting company for you.

And as a precipitate of this point, enter on clear-cut that the loud netting hosting multinational you gravy train and makes it evident to rise your web hosting package. Remember, as your company grows, so will your website; maybe to the point where cheap web hosting will no longer be a necessity for you.

Web Hosting Prices Criterion for Choosing a Web Host?

It's attractive. There are several companies offering cheap services full with amazing post-futuristic techno-gizmo features. But does it helps in saving much money?

Answer is no, not at all as the maximum saving would be in some dollars only. If one is running a business site, saving $5, $10 or even $15 per month is not considered a big saving. There is not a single company whose survival is dependant upon 15 dollars but if the wrong web host is chosen by mistake then surely it can destroy the business.

Given below are 3 main reasons to ignore price issue while selecting web host: -

1. Usability. Confession time: Besides other issues usability holds an important place while selecting a new web host. Especially for a beginner it is important to have at least good control panel. There are example where one in the beginning opted for cheap web hosting and there after faced the problem of operating the control panel and often found him/her self traveling in circles trying to enter it.

Thus if one consider this factor of usability and just know little bit of CGI can easily manage his/her emails and can edit html files right on the server. What more is required for a beginner who was earlier not even able to find files on the previous host’s server?

2. Service. Second factor to consider is service. There are cases where in the beginning users were quite happy with their cheap web host as were even getting all the responses via email on time. Problem occurred when some guy with a chip on his shoulder filed a phony Spam complaint. Now the response was suddenly missing from the host when complaint was made. Infact no one was interested in speaking over phone. The remedy came when the user’s ISP responded to the same phony complaint immediately, sharing with user a copy and giving a chance to deal with it. Thus it is again recommendable to pay more but one must look for this feature.

3. Reliability. One must also look for the good uptime and should also check for reliability. There are many problems that occur when one ignores this factor like a form not functioning thereby resulting in lost sales. More worse is that Google comes crawling just when site is down and search engines don't like sending people to unreliable sites.

Thus it can be concluded easily that paying little more is better than paying a lot more in lost sales and increased stress. One should keep in mind that his/her whole business is dependant upon website and so one must consider all the factors not just price while selecting a new web host.

A Cheap Web Hosting is Often the More Expensive

When reading their “terms of Service”, they seem acceptable for they are nearly common to all host providers and they honour their “money refund policy”

On the 5th of November 2007, I purchased a Reseller Hosting account from at a ridiculous price of $6.99 monthly. To open an account every new client has to setup a quarterly subscription account in the amount of $20.97 through his PayPal account. Since it is a subscription payment, that same amount is automatically charged by PayPal and is credited to the host provider. When nearing the expiry date of my subscription I received a notice which read like this:

“…This is a notice that your invoice 210796 has been generated for services by on 2008/02/04.

Your payment type is: PayPal or Credit Card

Important Notice: Please pay this invoice with PayPal using credit card or paypal account within Due Date to avoid service suspension. For more information on paypal payment method visit page (link to his billing web site)

This treat is surprisingly very intimidating. Is it a cheap web hosting? Yes, but you are prepared to bow down under his arrogance! Normally as a serious host reseller, I do not wish to frustrate my precious customers to have their web sites disabled, so without any question, I clicked on their link to pay $20.97 with the idea in mind that I can arrange with my host provider to readjust the balance later, if there is really a billing mistake. Initially, I had a feeling that the first amount of $20.97 I paid to them was not properly set as a subscription payment, but simply as a “pay only once”.

When I received my hard copy statement from the bank, to my surprise, I noticed some anomaly of my credit card being charged. After further investigation, I discovered that my hosting account being debited in the amount of $20.97 MONTHLY, plus another $20.97 quarterly. When I log onto their online billing statement but they show only what I have paid quarterly. Then there were exchange of series of online tickets and disputes with the billing staff. They insisted that only the quarterly payment is paid to them and to whom the monthly payment is paid remain a mystery.

I then log to my PayPal account and open a case at the resolution center. Later PayPal replied to me that the monthly subscription payment was to and they do not interpret this instance as an “unauthorized account activity”. Here in this case, the one to be blamed is the one who has clicked on the link to pay monthly and not the one who has fraudulently sent a false reminder for his victim to click.

When finding no way to escape this accusation, they finally recognized that there was definitely a duplicate billing, yet they argue that the mistake was only by the automatic billing system and not human. Yes, I have cancelled my monthly subscription, but what about the money I have already paid for? After further discussion, when I asked them for a refund they told me that it will be debited to my quarterly subscription account and they refused to adjust my online statement to reflect what I have paid. I have then closed every subscription account with PaYPal paying to EhosPros and knowing that the validity of my hosting account will extend to the 5th of November 2008 due to my excess payment, yet at the end of the 5th August 2008 they suspended my account without sending me a formal deactivation notice.

And now the problem with a cheap hosting account, if I have lost few dollars as excess payment it is nearly nothing. What is the most critical is that I have to compensate my clients about $1000 for loss of business due to websites failure. I have to compensate them because we did not received a deactivation notice from the host and they did not even advise us to move our sites onto other host provider while our account is deactivated.

All those who choose a cheap hosting, for the sake of economy I would say yes, but be careful!

Web Hosting Tips for Searching a Web Host

This article is useful for understanding the hosting industry and studies its dynamics to know what to look for before selecting a web host.

Firstly it is good to have a proper introduction of web hosting chain. It is termed as chain because here about 3 upstream providers serve the end consumer. First the web-hosting provider, who is in direct contact, then comes the web host’s upstream company who maintains the servers and sells space to web hosts, and above that, the data center that serves the purpose of providing the connection and houses the servers. There are some web hosts who act as the server administrator and liase with the data centers directly.

The growth of the web hosting industry in at saturation point due to the presence of hundreds of web-hosting providers claiming to provide cheaper and better services to businesses and individuals. The reason for this is the availability of resources in abundance and at cheaper costs with reducing disk space and data-transfer prices. Its easy to enter the web hosting business as there are large resellers of server space providing cheap hosting and reselling plans that provides ground to incomers to join the business.
Due to growing number of suppliers with cheaper reselling plans, more and more web hosting businesses are coming up providing web-hosting solutions to business and individual websites due to lower fixed costs and investment. Not only that this increase in supply is not caused by factors in any particular country. As Internet is not limited to the boundary of any country so the data centers present in any part of the world can easily provide the servers and web space for a local hosting company. Due to Internet it is easy to communicate to each other and providers can easily exchange their services in the global space.

Maintaining a proper balance between supply and demand is quite good for the customers. But imbalance has forced several new web-hosting providers to offer extremely low prices for their web hosting plans or packages in order to make them self stand in the tough market. Now it’s time for customers to choose the hosting providers having lowered prices from the vast number of providers.

However, continuous decrease in prices is quite disadvantageous for both the providers as well as the customers. By reduces prices, companies are able to earn nominal profit and are even not able to cover their support costs. Customers suffer by getting less support with their web-hosting accounts. It’s quite obvious if the profits do not justify the costs, web-hosting companies will easily close down and takes their clients' sites with them.

The following are the factors to consider while choosing a web-hosting provider: -

The most important factor to consider is Support for any individual or small business looking for a web host for their websites. The Internet web-hosting provider who is unable to provide the facility of responding to emails within 24 hours is probably having problems providing fast and reliable support services. One can’t ignore the validity of these services especially for the beginners who needs guidance with publishing their websites on the web hosting account provided. The success of any web hosting business depends upon the relationships between web host and web hosting customers. To make business success, provider should be able to provide services when and where required also its crucial for customers to know when their site is going offline for sake of maintenance.

After support next important factor is Stability. It refers to how much uptime one can expect from the web-hosting provider, which in turn depends upon the providers' servers and network. If the providers are not having reliable and stable providers, it would affect their servers and cause problems for the website. It is must to have an uptime of about 99.5% in the industry, as there are other external factors, which may be beyond control of the provider.

Third factor to consider is Cost which depends on the purpose of the website and budget. The budget may be smaller in case of Personal /Individual websites and so they opt to go with a cheaper web hosting provider, possibly in exchange for support and stability. But in case of business sites as they need better stability and support they opt for expensive host providers. It is most often observed that cheap web hosting providers are able to attract customers in the beginning by offering low prices but afterwards fails in providing quality support to their customers thereby creating problems for them. Also the large numbers of client sites cause sustained high server loads which leads to server crash thus hampering stability.

Another factor, which is not so important, is Location of the server. It is not considered important as it depends upon a user’s ISP/country's connection to the data center where the server is located. Pings to the server normally tells the network latency to expect when people can access to one’s site. Lower ping rates leads to loading of site faster.
Last but not least one should take time to identify and contact a web host to check their service. This helps in providing an idea of the kind of support that one might receive and helps in deciding the reliability of the provider.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Services Supporting JavaScripts: Top 3 Web Hosts

Looking for best cheap web hosting plans supporting JavaScripts? First take a look at some important features which must be considered when choosing your web hosting company:

Reliability and uptime: Hosting uptime refers to the percentage of time the host is accessible via the internet. It is very important your service be uptime (functioning and available for use). It means you can access your account whenever you want to update your web pages, and users can enter your website whenever they refer to your site address. If your hosting service is not uptime it can be catastrophic!

Disk space: Web hosting space is the amount of room that the web host provides to store your HTML, graphic, video/audio and other files. This figure is most commonly stated in gigabytes. If you don't know how much space you need for your website, you can choose a web host with unlimited disk space, which allows you to build as many web pages as you want.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth (or data transfer) refers to the amount of data that is accessed by your visitors. Web hosts define bandwidth as the total amount of data access from your server over a month's time. This figure is most commonly expressed in gigabytes. If you don't know how much bandwidth you need for your website, you can pick a web host with unlimited data transfer, which allows you to support as many visitors as you want.

Ease of Control Panel: It is important that the control panel is easy to use and all information can be accessed easily.

If you are a beginner it is generally hard to you to pick the right web hosting service. There are many websites which display a couple of web hosting companies as the best and leave people confused without being helpful. To make things even more confusing, some hosting companies are cheating and lying to their customers!


All Web Hosts Presented On Support JavaScripts: is a reliable website to help you make the best choice. Their experts have been evaluating web hosting service providers for years, and now they provide you with the most reliable results. They present the information in an easy to understand format that helps the consumer make the best choice within just a few minutes. This is their purpose, to help you make the right choice the first time.

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