Monday, June 22, 2009

A Cheap Web Hosting Company Can be an Attractive Trap: Factors to be Kept in Mind

There are various service providers that provide web hosting facilities. You may find a good number of companies that provide free services, but there are certain drawbacks of hiring free web hosts. Here are a few tips to choosing a top web hosting company:
1. Check out reviews and feedback
There are several websites, which provide reviews on service providers over the internet. These reviews rate hosting companies on the basis of space, traffic and additional features. You should check out blogs and websites and compare the prices and services provided by such companies.
2. The price factor:
There are many factors to consider before selecting a web hosting company including requirements and price. A web hosting package depends on data transfer, bandwidth or disk space. The costs range from $10 to more than $3000 per month. Users have flexible payment options. They do not have to pay a lump sum amount for the services, as the payment can be done annually, half-yearly or monthly.
What about bandwidth capacity, server space and customer service?
Well, it depends on usage and requirements. If you are looking for a personal website, a 50MB server space is more than sufficient. Most hosting companies recommend bandwidth capacity to be more than 500 MB. 1GB to 250 GB bandwidth capacity is perfect for small businesses. Choose a hosting company that offers customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a month.
Cheap web hosting—compromise in quality or the best deal in the market?
If you think that a cheap web hosting company may offer sub-standard services, better change any such false assumption. Recently, the cheap web hosting market has grown tremendously resulting in intense competition. The increased capacity and lower prices have made a positive impact in the minds of buyers. You will find many serious web hosting companies offering unlimited traffic, free domains and disc space at an affordable price. Most cheap web hosting companies use cPanel interface. cPanel interface lets you manage sub-domains and email accounts easily.
For the past few decades, Australia has invested heavily in the Information Technology sector. This has resulted in cheap and reliable web hosting services down under. Due to huge privatisation of the IT industry Australia web hosting companies offer the best budget offers for its clients. Moreover, Web hosting companies in Australia are efficient, reliable and always have incredible offers for customers.


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