Monday, June 22, 2009

A Beginner’S Guide To Identifying And Choosing A Reliable But Cheap Web Hosting

‘World Wide Web' is simply an excellent place for sharing information. Those interested in owning a little ‘web space' must have a clear conception about the term ‘Web Hosting'.
The information that we view from the web browser is basically contained in a number of web pages. The computers that contain these web pages are known as ‘Web Servers'. Australian web hosting is all about storing these web pages for the viewer's to easily access them. Many people plan to host their websites themselves but usually they find themselves fighting with countless issues related to the right kind of software and hardware in order to host the web pages successfully. Using a web hosting company that offers excellent capabilities on its web server can save you from most of these worries.
These days there has been a significant elevation in the number of website hosting providers in Australia. When it comes to choosing a web hosting company, we usually find ourselves in a fix with so many cheap web hosting companies available in the market.
There are several kinds of cheap web hosting companies but Australian web hosting can be broadly divided into following categories:

Virtual web hosting: It is also known as ‘Shared Hosting'. As the name very well suggests, innumerable websites share the same space on one or more physical web servers.

Dedicated web hosting: In contrast to Virtual website hosting Australia, dedicated hosting allocates a particular web server that can be used only by a particular customer. A dedicated web hosting company provides several benefits to the customer. The customer can host even multiple websites from that particular server, change the software configuration, modify the bandwidth and handle greater traffic on the website.

Co-location Website hosting: In dedicated web hosting Australia the customer rents the web server, which basically belongs to the web hosting company. But in co-location website hosting the customer can own the web server and hence have a full control over it. The charges vary depending upon the rack space and the monthly bandwidth.

Reseller web hosting: In this type of website hosting, a web hosting company provides web server storage to the reseller (i.e. the third-party) at reasonable rates, who then again resell this particular web server to a number of customers. To these customers, it is the reseller who acts as the web host provider.

Undoubtedly, a website plays an important role in building-up any business. Australian web hosting companies can easily be found on internet and you can go through the terms and features of their hosting plans before going for one of them. It is important to note that cheap and reliable often do not go hand in hand, you must evaluate your website hosting options thoroughly.


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