Saturday, June 27, 2009

Precautions to Low Cost Hosting

Hosts providing low cost services declareDoes cheap means an awful thing? Perhaps not always! However, today’s competitive market scenario demands for sensible customers. to the user that, “he/she will have entire world in the fist just for Rs. 900 per year” but, in reality user even struggle to get basic services. Some of the users may surprise from the previously mentioned statement. But, clarity will be provided in the upcoming statements.

For describing web host in a synchronized manner, one can say that a “web host” is a company involved in the business of acquiring bandwidth (internet connectivity) and servers (glorified computers) with an intention to re-sell it, but in smaller amount, to people who demands for storage space for their concerning e-mails and websites. The process is usually done by renting dedicated servers in the company of a decent hard drive plus bandwidth quota and then employing a control panel to split the server resources up into smaller masses termed as ‘hosting plans’. The key objective is to balance such plans in a way that it can benefit both client and host in terms of reasonability and profit respectively.

A chaos of new web hosts increases by the day, due to easy entry and profitable business in this market. This makes the market competitive providing direct benefit to the customer. There are several cases where it happened that the provider in order to get market share decided to offer cheap prices and as soon as he/she started getting customers he/she revised it. Before anybody realizes it, the game is almost over. This is quite seen in country like Pakistan and that too every 10 months after.

“Nice”, one will say or not? Go on…

Hence, what a web host can conclude from it? Abruptly, all their present clients are paying them half of the complete utilization. It signifies that, in the upcoming year, they need to generate two times new business just to earn the amount equals to last year! A sensible person does not recommend it as expansion!

Unfortunately, it is not essential that the amount of clients will jump tremendously with respect to every price shave. Hence, the user is left with the only choice to cut short the price. Thus in order to save cost instead of 3 people support is made available by one person alone. In the same way if there are 2 servers, the whole load is shared on one server lower operating costs. Now these steps have a positive impact on the host’s service but the service may suffer from lack of support, downtime and slow server response.

Now, if the host is giving preference to its present clients, he/she modifies his/her cost in such a way that every client will get a feel good factor. I should always check whether a web host is in the business of providing best service with long term vision in mind or he/she is quoting less price and good profit just to trap customers. It is often found that there are cases where earlier hosting companies offered cheap services at quite less prices just to attract customers and thereafter turned bankrupt. There are not many people who are aware of this trap and get in trouble afterwards. Things are getting worse due to the fact that now the older hosts are deciding to get better off by reducing prices rather than improving on service. In order to get away from this, the younger companies started following and create problem for themselves as well as to their clients. The resultant of this mess is all the customers just get diverted to foreign web hosts in order to get better services.

User should keep in mind that what all is important is good service and all other things are secondary. The ultimate motto of user is that he/she should get what he/she is paying for. Now it is on user to decide whether to go for cheap web hosting or to opt for good web hosting.


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